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Welcome to Bernie's Jenny McCarthy Site, your #1 source for Jenny McCarthy information.

Bernie's Jenny McCarthy Site, formerly known as Bernie's Jenny McCarthy Page, was founded on August 20, 1996. Through the year 2004, it served over 2.5 million visitors and quickly distinguished itself as the only real source for Jenny McCarthy news, photos and information online. In 2004, due to a decline in activity in Jenny's career, Bernie's Jenny McCarthy Site closed its doors.

Fast-forward to the present and there is no denying that Jenny McCarthy has yet again emerged as a force to be reckoned with. Not only does she still look as stunning as she did years ago, but she has grown as an actress and has found ways to keep her career steered in a positive direction despite various roadblocks.

In addition, through her own experiences with her son Evan, Jenny has been able to help bring awareness of autism and its treatment to the mainstream and is now a frequent spokesperson for various autism-related causes and events.

In honor of the rejuvenation of Jenny's career and her newfound exposure, Bernie's Jenny McCarthy Site reopened its doors in 2006. It will continue to, just as it always has, provide the latest and greatest news on Jenny's career, the most recent photos anywhere online and links to videos and other media in various forms.

In addition to the tried and true features that have made Bernie's Jenny McCarthy Site the fan favorite it is today, several new features will be popping up here and there over time. This site wouldn't be anything without you, the fans, though, so please send in your comments or suggestions and help make Bernie's Jenny McCarthy Site the best fan community it can be.