The following is a list of websites that I feel are must-sees for any Coldplay fan. Some of them have been nice enough to reciprocate a link to my site as well, which always helps their case ;)

The Official Coldplay Website

The official site has constant updates, especially when there is a lot going on (i.e. album release or tour). They've always got tons of goodies so it is definitely worth checking out.

The Official Coldplay Online Shop

The place to buy official Coldplay merchandise. They've got some cool stuff, so give the site a look.

Hot & Coldplay

One of the best Coldplay sites I've seen, with some great high-res photos and wallpaper, and a whole lot of potential. Definitely keep an eye on this one – 'cause I can tell it's going to be a fan favorite.

Coldplay Links

Coldplay Links is a great resource for any Coldplay fan, providing links to Coldplay sites in all the important categories. Quickly find sites that feature chats and discussions, fan clubs, lyrics, multimedia, sheet music, etc.

the state of coldplay

Not only is the webmaster of this site a very nice girl, but she's running one of the cooler Coldplay sites out there. You'll find quotes, lyrics, interviews and much more at 'the state of coldplay.'

Coldplay -

Although this Dutch fan page isn't written in English, it's definitely put together quite well and I think it deserves a spot here on my links page. If you're a fan of sites that have lots of links to lots of information, be sure to give this one a look.

This site's got a little something for everyone. Whether you speak German or English, you should find plenty here to feed your Coldplay appetite.


A great Italian website dedicated to Coldplay, including lots of great content and an option to view the site translated into English.


This guy takes some spectacular photos and runs an equally spectacular website. Don't miss it.

Life is for Living

This site has pretty much everything you need, ranging from the band's history to interviews, tour reviews and polls. Definitely a very informative site.

Be Coldplay

Be Coldplay is another Dutch fansite that is worth checking out. I really like the clean design, and the site's maintainer, Nathalie, is a member of the discussion forum here at Bernie's Coldplay Site.

Coldplay @ Download and Listen is your source for over 45 legally downloadable songs by Coldplay.

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