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Bernie's Coldplay Site was originally founded on June 21, 2002, just a few months before the release of Coldplay's sophomore effort, 'A Rush of Blood to the Head.' It slowly gained acceptance from Coldplay fans across the web, and after receiving recognition from The Official Coldplay Website, the site became one of the web's most popular resources for Coldplay information. Since its founding, Bernie's Coldplay Site has served nearly half-a-million fans and continues gaining momentum every day.

Version 1 of Bernie's Coldplay Site, with its dark blue color scheme and translucent popup navigation menus, was hailed by many of the site's visitors as a pleasing departure from the designs of other Coldplay fan sites. To celebrate the one year anniversary of Bernie's Coldplay site, the design was completely overhauled, giving the site a much calmer palette and providing a much more organized structure. In addition, the design was brought up to speed with cutting-edge web standards, using pure CSS design techniques without the use of tables. Then, in November of 2006, the third version of the site was unveiled, adding several features that showcase what the site's visitors are interested in at any given time. That is the version you are seeing today.

About Bernie

Bernie's Coldplay Site is run by Bernie Zimmermann, a 27-year-old computer/music geek from Seattle, Washington. Bernie first began developing websites in 1994, and just a few years later had created his first celebrity website online. Since then, that particular website has had over 2 million visitors, and several of his other websites have had their fair share of notoriety as well.

Bernie currently works as an engineer for a software company, and also as CTO of a small company focusing on web development and custom database application design. He is a firm believer in web standards and frequently posts to his personal blog touting the benefits and complaining about the downfalls of designing to standards.

When he isn't digging up information on Coldplay, Bernie writes poetry, sings in a band and, you guessed it, designs web pages. Lastly, Bernie is very proud of his name, so contrary to a few requests from site visitors, Bernie's Coldplay Site will continue to be named just that, Bernie's Coldplay Site.

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