Bringin' Home Some Grammys

February 25, 2003 5:13 AM

Coldplay have taken another giant leap in their quest to assert themselves as the most popular rock band on the planet, picking up two Grammy Awards at the February 23 ceremony.

The band, who also won two prizes at the Brit Awards, were triumphant in both the Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal and Best Alternative Music Album categories for 'In My Place' and 'A Rush Of Blood To The Head' respectively.

Coldplay also performed 'Politik' at the Madison Square Garden ceremony alongside the New York Philharmonic orchestra.

Source: MTV United Kingdom

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Chris on Radio 1 Last Night

February 19, 2003 10:33 PM

Did everyone tune into Chris' appearance on Radio 1 in the UK last night? I guess if you are actually in the UK you had to be up extra early this morning to listen in. I managed to listen to the whole interview and it was quite entertaining. Chris was funny as usual. He even ended up performing an impromptu version of "Songbird" by Oasis with his alleged "biggest fan." Be sure to check out the Chris Martin photo gallery to see some captures of the webcam feed that was being sent out live during the interview.

If you forgot to listen in or just didn't feel like waiting (or waking) for the show, no worries. Bernie's Coldplay Site has come through for you yet again. I've got exclusive audio files of several of the more notable moments from the interview. Other than the annoying background music that they threw in all over the place, the clips are pretty good! Click the links below to have a listen...

In other news, is reporting that the band was approached to pen a track to accompany a new Hugh Grant movie titled "Love, Actually." The band apparently turned down the offer because they were terrified it would damage their image. Chris said "I know we're not very cool - but I don't want us to be compared to the Wets or Ronan."

Good news for Glastonbury fans. Turns out Chris' letter might have actually played an instrumental role in saving the festival. From what I've seen around the web, it doesn't sound like Coldplay will actually be performing at the show this year, though. However, a mighty fine replacement has been rumored to be a possibility for the headlining slot. See GreenPlastic for more on that!

There is also a news story over at Ananova that says Coldplay asked the band Royksopp to record a dance remix of 'Politik,' the opening track off of 'A Rush of Blood to the Head.' No word on whether the remix will be released yet. Svein, a member of Royksopp, is quoted as saying "I think it's basically for laughs. I think it's the first time ever they had got remixes for the music. I've been told this might be a lie just to impress us. Doing a remix for someone like Coldplay, who have a really good vocalist and they also have quite appealing harmonies, to us it was all just fun."

And finally, a special thanks goes out to John Johnson who sent in some pictures of Coldplay as they warmed up for their January appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. Check them out in the Coldplay photo gallery.

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Rumors are Rumors

February 17, 2003 5:26 PM

The jury's still out on whether or not Chris and Gwyneth are still an item. An article over at Ananova seems to point to them still being together, as it reads "the couple spent Valentine's Day at Paltrow's home in London's Belgravia, and the singer recently visited her in New Zealand where she is filming her latest movie." As we all know, Chris is very humbled by the relationship, and is quoted as saying "She is lovely. It is weird because she's a big Hollywood star and I'm just the bloke from Coldplay." If you're interested in the Chris/Gwyneth mystery, you might want to take a look over at

As many of you know, the last Glastonbury Festival was considered to be the pinnacle of Coldplay's then-blossoming career. Little did they know that 'A Rush of Blood to the Head' would become such an international hit and that they had yet to see the climax of their fame. However, Chris still remembers the experience at Glastonbury and has recently written an impassioned letter to people opposing this year's festival, urging for a licence to be granted so the show can continue. If the efforts of Chris and others are successful, the Glastonbury Festival would take place over the weekend of June 27th-29th.

Keep your eyes out for "And the Nominees Are..." on MTV2 throughout this week, as Coldplay, Eminem, Fat Joe, the Foo Fighters, Nelly, and U2 are to be featured.

And now a tour update. Coldplay resumes their '03 tour in Canada next week, as they'll be playing the Corel Centre in Ottawa on the 24th and then the Bell Centre in Montreal on the 25th. They then return to the states for a show in Wallingford, Connecticut on the 27th and a gig the following night at the Tweeter Center in Camden, New Jersey.

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Some Catching Up To Do

February 15, 2003 9:30 PM

Well, it is time for us to get all caught up with what the boys in Coldplay are up to, is it not? On the gossip side of things there has been talk all over the web about Chris' and Gwyneth's apparent break-up. An article at RTE Interactive reports that when asked about the break-up, Chris said "he'd never even met her, and then joked that he was actually going out with Julia Roberts." Another at IOL reports that Gwyneth "had told friends all along that the Briton was just an 'in between' lover, helping her get over the recent death of her father and the shock of ex-fiance Ben Affleck's engagement to Jennifer Lopez." Who knows if any of this is true.

Okay, enough with the rumors. Let's get down to the facts. Coldplay apparently tore it up at this year's NME Awards. SoundGenerator has a list of all the winners, which includes Coldplay's three awards for Album of the Year, Best LP and Most Sexy Man (Chris Martin).

Now on to tour news. Fans from all over the place have been writing in like crazy and submitting reviews of some of the band's recent gigs. Eli Burrell sent in a review he did for What's Up in New York. The review covers Coldplay's February 4th gig at Memorial Hall in Kansas City. Here's a snippet to whet your appetite: "the place was wall to wall with people ages twelve to sixty swaying back and forth, jumping up and down and singing in unison every word from Chris Martin's mouth." Be sure to read the review!

Sharon wrote in to let me know about a pre-Grammy gig Coldplay will be playing at with Pete Yorn, called "Blue Grammy Party." If you are interested in nabbing tickets you can give it your best shot at Ticketmaster, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if the show is already sold out. Thanks go out to Sharon for sending in this info!

I hope to have more tour related news soon, so keep checking back!

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New U.S. Dates Announced

February 09, 2003 2:09 AM

A whole slew of new dates have been announced for the U.S. tour. I was especially pleased to see the band will be playing the Gorge Amphitheater in George, Washington, one of the best venues anywhere for seeing a band play live. So I guess that tells you where I'll be on May 24th! Hopefully a lot of the fans who have written in asking about added dates will have had their prayers answered after reading this list:

  • May 20th - Edmonton Shaw Conference Center
  • May 21st - Calgary Max Bell Center
  • May 23rd - Vancouver Place
  • May 24th - Gorge in George, Washington
  • May 25th - Bend Les Schwab Ampitheater
  • May 27th - Boise BofA Center
  • May 28th - Sacramento Sac Valley Amphitheater
  • May 30th - Mountain View Shoreline Amphitheater
  • May 31st - Los Angeles Hollywood Bowl
  • June 3rd - San Diego Arena
  • June 5th - Albequerque TBD
  • June 6th - Denver Red Rocks Amphitheater
  • June 9th - Chicago UIC Pavilion
  • June 10th - Cleveland Tower City Ampitheater
  • June 11th - Toronto Molson Ampitheater
  • June 13th - New York Madison Square Garden

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