Some Shout Outs

July 09, 2003 7:18 PM

Rob wrote in last week to promote his website, Everything's Not Lost – The Complete Coldplay Discography. Besides the random Gator pop-ups, the site is pretty decent and seems to be a pretty complete discography.

Coldplay fans over in Oz can thank Jason for sending this little tidbit in: Apparently MusicMAX is giving away double passes to an intimate private gig with Coldplay at the Sydney Opera House on July 17. Visit the MusicMAX website for more details, and be quick...the contest ends July 13th.

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'God Put a Smile Upon Your Face' Single

July 08, 2003 10:23 PM

Coldplay's brand new CD single "God Put A Smile Upon Your Face" will be released in Australia first on Monday 21st July, the same day they perform at the sold out Sydney show.

This single contains a previously unreleased version of the track 'Murder,' plus exclusive live versions of 'Politik' and 'Lips Like Sugar.'

Track Listing:

  1. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
  2. Murder
  3. Politik (Live at Wembley)
  4. Lips Like Sugar (Live)

The CD single will retail for AUS $4.95 (approx. EU $2.60).

To order your copy today, either click on the single's cover on the right side of this page, or go directly to Sound World Music Online.

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What's Going On?

July 07, 2003 9:22 PM

A lot, actually. You may have heard, but apparently Britain's celebrity watchers are hunting for new "royalty" as David Beckham and former Spice Girl Victoria have moved on to Spain. Chris and Gwyneth are obvious nominees, but according to a Reuters article, "they have neither the charisma nor the desire for fame which has driven the Beckhams to the top of the showbiz pile." Interesting.

Despite a slow-down in their touring, July is looking to be an exciting month for Coldplay fans. The 'God Put a Smile Upon Your Face' single is set for international release this month, and will include a studio version of 'Murder' as its b-side. You can buy the single online at the Coldplay Shop. Also be on the lookout for a limited edition 12" vinyl release of Royksopp's remix of Clocks.

Yahoo! News is reporting that SoundScan has added music downloads to its regularly tracked data. Coldplay has two songs in the top 25 this week, with 'Clocks' at #3 and 'The Scientist' in the #24 position.

And finally, in the "off the wall" category, TeenHollywood is reporting that Gwyneth Paltrow's mom thinks Chris Martin is too skinny. According to the short article, her mother "wants him to be her son-in-law, but she's worried he'll fade away before the wedding if he doesn't beef up."

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Silver Clef Award

June 30, 2003 10:43 PM

The following comes directly from our friends at

Coldplay won the Silver Clef Award at the Nordoff-Robbins Silver Clef charity awards at London's Hotel Intercontinental in Park Lane on Friday 27th June.

Coldplay were at the ceremony, where they picked up the main award of the afternoon.

Collecting the award, Chris said: "We feel like Will Young times 10. We feel as if we don't deserve it, but then sometimes we do."

The Lunch is the biggest fund raising event in the Nordoff-Robbins calendar and has become the music business charity lunch of the year. There is also an auction and this year Coldplay bid for and won a painting of John Lennon and a limited-edition Fender guitar.

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Refreshing Review from the LA Times

June 29, 2003 9:55 PM

There's an excellent article in the Los Angeles Times that everyone should take the time to read. I'm tempted to even send the article's author an email commending him on an excellent job, after some of the other crap I've seen written lately.

It's a long article, but well worth your time. Just in case you're in a hurry, here's a summary of some of my favorite parts:

Coldplay [is] one of the few bands in years to make music smart and embracing enough to connect with part of the edgy young alt-rock crowd and accessible enough for mainstream pop fans...

"Mainstream pop culture is so awful and so bland and so packaged," Martin says on the way to San Diego. "Our goal is to change the mainstream. We don't want to just keep ourselves a secret. We want to fight to have sincere music be the main thing again..."

Whether backed by Jonny Buckland's jagged guitar licks or Martin's epic piano chords, the music is filled with such beauty and timeless grace that it reminds you of the purity of ancient cathedral bells. Martin's singing ranges from the droning ache of Radiohead's Thom Yorke to a comforting, conversational tone, sometimes accented by a sudden touch of falsetto...

Whatever his shading, the band — which also includes bassist Guy Berryman and drummer Will Champion — plays with taste and economy. This is a band that understands the importance of restraint, even when it is trying to revive a lost tradition in rock...

He's comfortable enough with the relationship to let references to "my girlfriend" slip into the conversation. When he's asked about songs for the next album, for instance, Martin responds, "My girlfriend has this keyboard her dad bought her, which has got sounds on it I've never heard or never tried writing on before," he says. "That's where all these new songs are coming from, which is really cool."

Maybe someone needs to send good ol' Matt Sebastian (see earlier news) an email letting him know how a real music review/article is written. Just a thought ;)

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