3's a Charm for 'The Scientist'

August 30, 2003 4:27 PM

As many of you know, Coldplay performed at the MTV VMAs on Thursday night. That particular version of 'The Scientist' was one of the best I've heard, with Will's harmonies really filling out Chris melody. The performance was quite fitting as well, since 'The Scientist' would end up pulling in 3 VMAs by the end of the night.

Thanks to the song's chilling, backward (literally) video, the band won in the following 3 categories: Best Group Video, Breakthrough Video, and Best Direction. Congratulations to Coldplay and all those who played a part in making the award-winning video.

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A Look Into the Future of Coldplay

August 27, 2003 10:01 PM

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has told the band are disappearing for a while because "we've got to reinvent the wheel."

The band completed a gruelling 18-month world tour at the V Festival earlier this month (August 16/17), and are now going to get straight to work on the follow-up to 'A Rush Of Blood To The Head' away from the public eye.

Martin said: "We've got to reinvent the wheel, basically. I think we have to hide away and get out of people's faces and cook things up again. We're not going to take any time off, we're just going to be working, working, working, like the mole in 'Wind In The Willows!' V Festival is going to be the death of soft rock."

Guitarist Jonny Buckland added: "I agree with Chris. It is the end of an era for the band. We've taken our songs as far as they can go and it's time for something different. I don't know where what we're going to do. It's hard when you've been touring for 16 months. Don't get me wrong – I love touring, but I just want to stay in a place for longer than a couple of days."

Of the new songs the band has been playing – 'World Turned Upside Down' and ‘Poor Me’, Martin said: "One of them's shit, one of them's good. We're going to dump the shit one but keep the good one."

Before they get their time off, the band will make a trip to South America for a handful of gigs in Brazil and Mexico, and Martin will do some charity work for Oxfam's Make Trade Fair campaign.


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Chris Martin Plays Some Cricket

August 26, 2003 11:24 PM

Coldplay star Chris Martin had a different kind of rush of blood to the head – when his cricket team was thrashed.

The rocker took a break from his world tour to turn out for dad Anthony's team at the weekend.

The keen fast bowler, who developed his skills at public school at Sherbourne, Dorset, put his all into trying to dismiss the opposition at the Countess Wear Cricket Club.

But Martin, 27 – whose latest album A Rush Of Blood To The Head has been a huge hit – saw his team beaten by more than 100 runs in the match at Winslade Park, Exeter.

Martin's Oscar-winning lover Gwyneth Paltrow was thought to have been in the crowd for the club's 50th anniversary match on the private estate. But she was believed to have taken shelter under a sun hat and parasol with other spectators, including Martin's brothers Richard and Alex.

The stars are said to be planning to marry – possibly at Martin's parents' mansion near Exeter.


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Props to the Rhythm Section

August 19, 2003 12:15 AM

Financial Times, one of the last website's you'd expect to be reviewing Coldplay, has given props to the band's rhythm section (i.e. Will and Guy) for their performance at the V2003 festival this year.

The following comes directly from the article, which was written primarily to rate several of the artists that performed at the festival:

Coldplay had a swagger about them. Almost cocky, the headlining act from the Sunday exuded class. All the focus is on Chris Martin and it is fuelled by one of three new songs which appears to be about his squeeze, film star Gwyneth Paltrow. But the band were driven along by their superb rhythm section, who gave a real oomph to tracks from second album, "A Rush Of Blood To The Head". The festival finished triumphantly with Martin singing "It's A Wonderful World".

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Chris Martin Frenzy at

August 19, 2003 12:09 AM

For whatever reason, seems to be writing articles about Chris Martin whatever chance they get. There are not one, not two, but three articles on their site right now, and to be honest, all seem a little bizarre. Here's the rundown:

In one article, a dream that Chris apparently had involving Gwyneth, Cameron Diaz, and Dominic Mohan from British tabloid "The Sun" is described in great detail. I suppose it might be worth an article if it tied in with something of significance, but it really doesn't.

Then there's article two, in which the site takes your typical semi-sarcastic Chris Martin quote ("It's going to be the death of soft rock tomorrow night!") almost completely out of context to presuppose that Coldplay will be giving up on their bread and butter. That's not it though, it gets weirder.

In an article posted today, they take the Yoko Ono approach to analyzing Chris' relationship with Gwyneth, saying: "[Gwyneth's] closeness to Martin is putting a strain on the singer and his group."

Maybe these articles just sit funny with me 'cause I'm not a teenager anymore...for whatever reason they just seem kind of pointless and random to me. Oh well, take them as you will...

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