Time Off? Not for Coldplay!

January 30, 2004 10:02 PM

Coldplay entered a London studio Tuesday to begin work on their third album, the follow-up to the triple-platinum A Rush of Blood to the Head. The band is again working with producer Ken Nelson, who helmed both Rush of Blood and the British quartet's 2000 debut, Parachutes.

Nelson, frontman Chris Martin and guitarist Jon Buckland recorded demos for the album last fall in Chicago. In addition, the band cut a cover of the Pretenders' Christmas-themed "2,000 Miles" last year in New York. The song was available for a limited time as a paid download at, and benefited Future Forests and Stop Handgun Violence.

The new album probably won't be released until 2005, according to a label spokesperson, who adds that no live dates are expected from the band this year.

Next week, Coldplay will compete against the likes of Eminem and Beyonce for the Record of the Year trophy at the 46th annual Grammy Awards. The band is nominated for "Clocks."

A live performance by Martin is also slated to show up on the soundtrack to the documentary "Mayor of the Sunset Strip." That album is due March 18.

Source: MTV News

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2003 Interactive Music Awards

January 26, 2004 12:10 AM

Thanks so much to those of you who voted for Bernie's Coldplay Site in this year's Interactive Music Awards. Thanks to your support, this site made it to number 305 on the list of 500 People's Choice nominees.

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Hot Heads and Pandas

January 25, 2004 11:26 PM

One of my least favorite news sources,, has an interesting article about Mark E. Smith, lead singer of the band "The Fall," who apparently has called the members of Coldplay nothing more than "middle-class businessmen" who are only motivated by money. Obviously Mark has failed to noticed the messages Chris so often plasters to the side of his piano, writes on his hand in permanent ink, etc., but don't even get me started on this one. You can read the full article, for a good laugh at least, over at

On the brighter side of things, Coldplay will be releasing a rare track from their days with the record label "Fierce Panda" on an upcoming release titled "Decade: Ten Years of Fierce Panda." Their song, "Brothers and Sisters," which most true fans will remember from their 1999 release of the same name, will appear alongside tracks from artists such as Ash, Supergrass, Placebo and The Music. The record is expected to be in stores in early March, and you can get all the details (including the tracklisting) from NME, and by clicking on the album cover on the right sidebar of this site.

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Mother Jones Interview with Chris Martin

January 17, 2004 3:45 AM has an interesting interview with Chris Martin that covers everything from his association with Make Trade Fair to his performance preferences (live vs. in the studio). The following is an excerpt:

"I feel we're a better studio band. Some days I think we're shit at both; other days I think we're great at both. But we couldn't have one without the other. At the moment, all I want to do is be in the studio all day, every day. But I'm sure in a year's time, we'll be itching to play live again."

Be sure to read the full article if you've got the time.

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Coldplay to Take Year Off

January 03, 2004 12:26 PM

Coldplay star Chris Martin has announced he is taking a year off – because he's thinks people "need a rest" from him and his band.

The Yellow singer, who married pregnant Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow earlier this month, has confirmed that Coldplay will not be releasing a new album until 2005 – but he admits to feeling paranoid the follow-up record might flop after the massive success of their first two LPs Parachutes and A Rush of Blood to the Head.

He says, "I want time off because I've had a mad year.

"I think people need a rest from Coldplay. There's a real pressure on us now, too. We've become obsessed with trying to deliver something amazing.

"I hope people aren't sick of us. We loved touring the US but we're still not that big in America.

"I'm always worried it could end tomorrow. There's no guarantee people are not going to get fed up with us."


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