No Chris on Next 'The Streets' Album

February 21, 2004 10:29 AM

XFM is reporting that Chris Martin may not appear on the upcoming sophomore release from 'The Streets' afterall. The album is titled 'A Grand Don't Come For Free' and is expected out on May 10.

The Streets' Mike Skinner says that the original version of "Dry Your Eyes," which was recorded with Chris Martin on vocals, will most likely be released with Chris' part stripped. He explains:

"'Dry Your Eyes' is the moment of complete panic when your girlfriend finishes with's a sad one. I wrote the track and I thought that he [Martin] would sound really good on it. I asked him to do it and he did.

"After that I don't really know. I don't think his record company liked it. But maybe he didn't like it. On the day he was [happy with it]. Well, maybe he wasn't, maybe he was lying to me and he walked out going 'This is not working.' But it wasn't massive stress. It would have been nice, but we've re-recorded it and it sounds great."

'The Streets' fans should read the original article for more information.

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Chris Screams at Photographer

February 16, 2004 10:52 AM

Coldplay singer Chris Martin has lashed out at the paparazzi again – after pictures were taken of him enjoying a Valentine's Day meal with his pregnant wife Gwyneth Paltrow.

The celebrity couple was dining at the Pan-American bar in Liverpool, England when Martin, who has been in trouble with photographers in the past, lost his temper again.

Chris reportedly ran out of the restaurant and shouted at one photographer, "You're a wanker. You should get a proper job."

An onlooker says, "It was appalling. Chris went nuts. They walked out of the bar and the flashes started going off.

"Then Chris started waving his fists in the air and swearing. He was like a man possessed."

Last month Martin shouted at a photographer as he left supermodel Kate Moss' 30th birthday party in London with Paltrow.

Source: CBS Jacksonville

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Jon Makes Former Teacher Proud

February 10, 2004 7:09 PM

A music teacher has told of her pride at seeing a former pupil pick up a Grammy award with rock band Coldplay.

Coldplay won the Record of the Year award at Sunday's Grammy Awards in Los Angeles for the song Clocks.

Margaret Parr taught guitarist Jon Buckland for seven years while he was at Mold Alun High School, Flintshire.

Mrs Parr said last night: "I am delighted. I taught Jonathan music at GCSE and A-Level and of course he always had very good compositional skills.

"He would write music for guitar but also a lot of computer music too.

"His musical skills really developed over the years."

Mrs Parr, from Stryd y Castell, Ruthin, said Jon was already a competent guitarist when she first met him when he was 11.

She said: "I am always very impressed with Coldplay. I consider them all to be musicians, not just rock stars. I'm very proud of him."

Source: ic NorthWales

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Another Grammy for Coldplay

February 09, 2004 6:48 PM

Coldplay and producer Ken Nelson won the Grammy Award for Record Of The Year for "Clocks." The award was the fourth Grammy Award the group has won. Group front man Chris Martin joked about his celebrity status. "It's amazing you can win four Grammys and be up here three years in a row and they still mistake you for the people that steal the seats," Martin said.

Coldplay dedicated the win to Johnny Cash and Senator John Kerry who is presently seeking the Democratic presidential nomination. The group said: "Thank you and we'd like to dedicate this Johnny Cash and to John Kerry who hopefully will be your president one day."

Source: Launch

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The Story Behind 'Clocks'

February 03, 2004 5:26 PM

Coldplay's "Clocks" is one of the five tracks nominated for the Record of the Year Grammy, but it was nearly left off the band's 2002 album, A Rush of Blood to the Head.

As soon as frontman Chris Martin played his bandmates "Clocks," everyone knew it was special, but they didn't think they had time to include it on the LP. "We already had 10 songs for the album," said Ken Nelson, who produced the record, "and then Chris came in late one night and wrote 'Clocks' on piano."

As with most things Coldplay, the song is suffused in contrasts and contradictions. The sparse, delicate number is hardly loud, yet it's unquestionably urgent. At various moments, piano, drums and guitars gently wrangle for domination, suggesting the tune was painstakingly assembled, although that's hardly how it went down.

"It just arrived; it wasn't planned on at all," Martin told the Cleveland Plain Dealer. "The riff just came out, and I showed it to [guitarist] Jonny [Buckland], and he wrote these cool chords underneath it, and we had a song that was mega."

But because they figured it was too late to get the song on A Rush of Blood to the Head, they made a demo of the track and included it on a CD they marked "Songs for #3," which featured pieces they planned to save for their third album. It was a friend who intervened and convinced Martin to tackle the track right away.

"He heard it and said, 'No, you must do that song now 'cause you're going on [in the lyrics] about urgency, and you're talking about keeping this song back. That doesn't make sense,' " Martin told the Plain Dealer.

As the members of Coldplay added their ideas to Martin's sparse, melodic music bed, "Clocks" became more than a pretty piano pop song. It achieved a dynamic tension that juxtaposed with the main piano line.

"As it was building with the bass and some of the guitars, we were all thinking, 'This is good,' " Nelson said. "I remember when Chris was doing the vocal, there were quite a few people in the room, and we were all just staring and thinking, 'My God, this is something really special.'"

In the lyrics to "Clocks," Martin seems to address the helplessness of being in a dysfunctional relationship he doesn't necessarily want to escape. "Lights go out and I can't be saved/ Tides that I tried to swim against," he sings at the beginning. The most poignant expression of ambivalence comes at the end of the second verse when Martin moans, "Come out upon my seas, curse missed opportunities/ Am I a part of the cure or am I part of the disease?"

"I reckon everybody questions whether they're useful to the world or not," Martin told MTV News shortly after the record's release. "Some people think they're doing marvelous things. Hitler thought he was doing great things for the world, and yet we'd all say, 'No, no, no, he was doing terrible things.' Some people would say that Coldplay is a great thing for music and the world. Other people would regard us as the devil incarnate, so of course it's always a conflict."

The other material on the CD marked "Songs for #3" is not currently being considered by Coldplay for their third record. The band is in a Liverpool, England, studio with Nelson working on 11 new songs, some of which were played during their last tour. In a month, Coldplay will move to Air Studios in London to continue working on the album. No release date is scheduled.

"They want to take their time to make sure it's really, really strong," Nelson said. "They always want to deliver the best album they can, and this is going to be a fantastic album. I actually believe it's going to be stronger than A Rush of Blood to the Head."

Source: MTV News

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