'Shiver' is Right

October 19, 2004 9:42 PM

According to an article at, U2's lead singer Bono has given praise to both Franz Ferdinand and Coldplay:

"I get scared when I listen to Franz and Coldplay. When I hear them on the radio I shiver which must make then incredibly good, Franz Ferdinand make me nervous too, they give me a twitch."

I wonder if 'Shiver' makes Bono shiver?

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Album News from Chris Martin

October 16, 2004 5:31 PM

XFM is reporting on album details that Chris Martin shared while phoning in to the station recently:

When asked about Coldplay's new album, which the band are currently recording, Chris explained that, while it's going well, it's a stressful time.

"We're trying to make something amazing y'know?" he said, "And so what's coming up is a lot of panic and a lot of tension. Well, it's not coming up, we're in the middle of it at the moment, this is the most light-hearted conversation I've had for about four weeks."

"Yeah," he answered, when asked if things were tense for the band in the studio at the moment, "But it's gonna be worth it."

While rumours continue to circulate that Coldplay will be undertaking a handful of secret intimate UK dates later this year, Martin and guitarist Jonny Buckland will be playing their only official live outing of 2004 so far at a benefit gig for Californian public radio station 89.9 FM KCRW at the 6,000 capacity Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles on Saturday November 20.

For more information, visit XFM.

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The Yoko Effect

October 10, 2004 11:11 AM

It has been reported that Gwyneth is against the idea of encroaching on Chris' music career in any way:

"People ask if I will sing with the band or do a duet, but always in the front of my mind is the Yoko effect. I don't want to be known as the girl who split up Coldplay. Music is one area that he doesn't give me advice on because that's starting to encroach on each other's career. The sure way for a marriage to start hitting problems is when you start sharing careers as well. We have an understanding that our careers must be kept apart."

This quote from Gwyneth apparently comes from the IMDb, according to New Kerala.

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Finishing Touches

October 08, 2004 6:23 AM

An article in the Norfolk Eastern Daily Press today suggests that Coldplay's 3rd album is near completion. Aside from the whining of a lead singer of another band, the article gives quite a few clues as to what has been going on with the album as of late, including the following:

"The Coldplay album should be finished next week..."

The article also mentions how the band made a late decision to record three more tracks for their upcoming release...which hopefully means either that the album will have more tracks or that the content of the album will be even better than it probably already was before heading back in to record.

As always, we'll have to wait and see...

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Chris on Names and Mortality

October 04, 2004 10:10 PM

Chris Martin, aka Gwyneth Paltrow's husband, feels that naming his baby (Apple Blythe Alison that is) was a lot like naming his band, Coldplay.

"What I call my baby is none of anyone's business," he tells Details in their October issue.

"When we first told everyone we were Coldplay, they addressed us like we just said we bought a house on Mars. I think it's a cool name so why does it matter?"

The yoga devotee also tells the mag that being married to Gwynnie and fronting the hit Euro band is all it's cracked up to be.

"My life is so bleeping privileged," he admits. "I get so sad all the time that it has to end someday."

At least he's realistic.

Source: The Boston Herald

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