New Year News Roundup

January 12, 2005 10:22 PM

For those of you out there (like me) who are salivating at the thought of a new Coldplay album, I've got a list of links to great new content to get you even more excited.

First off, make sure you didn't miss my last posting, as it probably contains the most information (yet, anyway) about the new album, which is expected to be released in either March or April of this year.

Then, if that isn't enough, head on over to StereoBoard and Gigwise, who are also reporting along similar lines.

In addition, NME is talking about their "exclusive listen" to several of the new tracks, observing that the new album has a "70's electronica" sound that is a bit different than what we've heard on the first two albums.

In non-album-related news, FMQB is reporting (among others) that Coldplay's only current scheduled tour date is a show planned for March 12th for KCRW in Los Angeles. Also, Ghana Web is reporting that Chris has been travelling with Oxfam down in Ghana in support of fair trade.

Just as a final note, there are some rumored shows that we may get to look forward to this year, and as usual, I'll have the details up here as soon as news becomes official.

It's going to be an exciting year for Coldplay fans!

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Coldplay Discuss New Album

January 12, 2005 10:04 PM

Both Coldplay's singer Chris Martin and drummer Will Champion have been talking about the hugely anticipated follow up album to 'A Rush Of Blood To The Head', and the band's plans to play series of low key intimate dates later this year.

While the rumour mill has already gone into overdrive about the contents and release date of the new album, Chris Martin has been speaking about how the recording process (a traditionally fraught time for Coldplay – the pressure or recording AROBTTH almost drove them to spilt) has been progressing.

"Writing is what we've been doing all day, every day" he explained to NME, "It's been quite turbulent. We've been through a lot of songs and a lot of sounds, a lot of studios. It took us a long time to realise the four of us should go into a rehearsal room again and play together rather than rely on technological assistance."

"We've got some fucking good songs. That's one thing we are sure of. I don't think we'll top this. I always say that, but this time I really mean it. I really don't think we'll top it."

Tracks which are expected to appear on the record include 'Square One', 'Talk', 'Till Kingdom Come', 'X&Y', 'The Hardest Part'. Drummer Will Champion has also touted a new track enetitled [sic] 'What If?' as a possible single, telling the BBC, "I think it's one to watch out for in my opinion".

Champion also discussed the number of songs on the record, saying "We've got about 14 or 15 to chose from, but we want to try for 10, or 11 would be perfect. The first song has got to be a statement of intent. We don't want to dilute anything of this hopefully brilliant album."

He went on to explain that while no tour dates had been booked as yet, the band intended to play some low key concerts as a warm up for a proper tour in 2005, saying, "We've got to rehearse first. We'll start off with some small gigs and then go to America for some of what they call 'buzz gigs'. We've got some great plans to play some interesting places though. I don't know when and where yet."

As for the album's title, the drummer simply said the band were "Not sure yet. We've got a few things to choose from."

Source: XFM Online

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Making People Cry

December 31, 2004 2:53 PM

Spiderman actress Kirsten Dunst has admitted that she uses Coldplay songs to help her cry when filming.

Dunst revealed that music is a big part of her acting career, especially when she is filming emotional scenes.

"I listen to Coldplay songs to help me cry during a scene," she said. "Music definitely helps me in my acting."

However, Kirsten also received support from co-star Tobey Maguire when filming Spiderman.

"We didnít spend that much time together making Spiderman 2 but Tobey was a really supportive co-star," she added.

Source: Digital Spy

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Christmas Love from Coldplay

December 23, 2004 8:20 PM

If you haven't noticed yet, the band has posted a special Christmas message on their website for all to enjoy. It's definitely no Nappies, but it's cool nonetheless. Be sure and check it out before it goes away.

And while I'm at it, Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all you Coldplay fans out there!

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Another Grammy Nomination

December 08, 2004 12:57 PM

XFM reports that Coldplay has been nominated for a Grammy in the Best Long Form Music Video category for "Coldplay Live 2003." Grammy nods are beginning to become old hat to these guys! ;)

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