Coldplay Investigate Possible Album Leak

January 26, 2005 11:43 PM

The following comes from Contact Music:

British rockers Coldplay called in lawyers yesterday to investigate the apparent leak of several tracks from their eagerly anticipated third album.

The Yellow stars feared sales of the untitled CD would be jeapordised if fans downloaded it before its release, so they called in computer experts to trace the material on the internet, reports British newspaper The Sun.

The band discovered filesharing website WinMX appeared to have six songs from the disc available to subscribers, but fortunately, aides concluded the tracks were fake, soundless files.

An insider says, "Everyone was extremely concerned. Chris (Martin) would have been furious if it had got out.

"The tracks aren't finished yet and he wouldn't wnt the fans to hear anyhting until he thinks it's perfect.

"Thankfully everyone was able to breathe a sigh of relief by the end of the day."

For those out there who are anxious to hear new material from the upcoming album, fear not. I remember quite a bit before ARoBttH came out, the band played some live shows and recordings made their way online.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see how things pan out.

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Rumored Shows

January 22, 2005 12:10 PM

There seem to be a lot of rumors going around these days. According to NME Coldplay is rumored to be headlining one of the nights at the Coachella Festival this year.

In addition, Stereoboard says that they are rumored to be headlining one of the nights at the Glastonbury Festival this year as well. According to the show's organizer, Michael Eavis, Coldplay are "the best songwriters in the world today."

Rest assured, as soon as I hear anything concrete I'll post more here.

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Glastonbury Anthems

January 19, 2005 11:43 PM

Coldplay's performance of their hit song "Yellow" will appear on an upcoming DVD titled "Glastonbury Anthems – The Best of 1994 to 2004." Other acts included on the DVD are Radiohead, Blur, Franz Ferdinand, Paul McCartney, and many others. The DVD is set for release on March 21st, and more information is available at XFM Online.

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New Song Reviews from NME

January 19, 2005 1:51 PM

Well, I feel a bit like a dope on this one. It seems everybody and their mother has read NME's exclusive review of several of the songs slated for Coldplay's next album already...except me.

Just in case anyone out there hasn't read the reviews yet, here they are (thanks to Tania in the forum):

Square One:
Probable first single. Built around a subtle electronic drumbeat reminiscent of Brian Eno or Berlin-period Bowie, the song builds into a huge chorus featuring massive guitars and organ. Like Radiohead's Paranoid Android, it's perplexing on the first listen and appears to go off on different tangents, but after a few spins it sounds like their most ambitious and possibly best song yet.

What If:
Starting with a simple piano, a fragile-sounding Chris sings, "What if you decide/You dont want me there by your your life". Realizing that he can't completely control everything in life, he concludes "Every step you take could be your biggest mistake.../But that's the risk you take." This album's The Scientist.

Another future single, "Talk" takes the riff from electronic music legends Kraftwerk's Computer Love and builds a completely new song. It keeps the mechanical beat of the original but adds a huge guitar and dancefloor filling bass-line. Stadiums wont be big enough to contain it.

'Till Kingdom Come:
This was written for Johnny Cash but he died before he could record it. Coldplay's version is a sweet Dylan-esque folk song on acoustic guitar. "For you I'd wait till kingdom come/Until my days, my days are done." Chris vows.

The dreamy, synch heavy song features the chorus, "You and me are floating on a tidal wave together/You and me are drifting into outer space." Beatles style strings suddenly appear towards the end, and the anthemic singalong "woo-hoo-hoo" outro is set to become the sound of next summers festivals.

The Hardest Part:
A classic Coldplay love song about loss and heartbreak, in which Chris sings, "The hardest part was letting go, not taking part."

People seem just as pumped about the upcoming album as they were about ARoBttH, and by the sound of these reviews, it's no wonder why!

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Chris Martin's Run-In with Death

January 17, 2005 8:23 PM

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has revealed how a brush with death has made him more determined than ever to make "the best album of all time".

The singer claims that he nearly died when his plane hit a dust storm during a trip to a remote part of Africa.

Martin, who was on his way to Ghana with Oxfam to publicise fair trade issues, was coming into Tamale Airport when disaster struck.

"It was so terrifying, the plane was all over the place. Once a year, for a week, all this dust blows over from the Sahara Desert. You could not see a thing," he told today's (January 17) Sun newspaper.

He added: "I couldn't see the ground and as it turns out, nor could the pilot. I found out we were about 200 metres up. The plane dropped off violently to the right then way over to the left it. It was lurching all over. But somehow the pilot pulled it off and landed. I don't know how he did it. I was convinced he wasn't going to. Did the pilot know Chris Martin was on board? I don't think he gave a flying f**k."

The singer said the first thing that popped into his head during the traumatic affair in the 30-seater-twin propeller jet was his eight-month-old daughter Apple and finishing Coldplay's forthcoming as-yet-untitled album.

"My mind was racing and I thought, 'My daughter will have to get a stepdad.' I also thought, 'I've written a will. The band have finished the album but they know how I want to finish certain songs.'"

He added: "There is a Radiohead song called 'Airbag' which says that every time you get out of a car you should celebrate that you are alive. I felt that getting off the plane. But it fired me up for the trip. I thought, 'I'm going to learn as much as I can and meet as many people as possible.'"

Martin revealed that the incident has made him more determined to make Coldplay's next album their strongest yet.

"It's always good at the beginning of a trip to remind yourself to be motivated. As we came so close to crashing I promised that when I got home I was going to make the best album of all time," he admitted.

During his five-day trip, the singer met peasant farmers, visited markets selling cheap food imported from the EU and US, and he campaigned against the global trade system which cripples millions of people in the Third World to poverty.

"They grow cheap tomatoes in Ghana," Martin said. "But I saw market stalls stacked high with cheap tinned tomatoes shipped in from Italy. If Ghana tries to export to Italy they are whacked with tariffs. It doesn't make any sense. We are making money out of these people and they can't afford to send their kids to school.

"We've got to keep banging on about fair trade. If people knew what misery these trade laws created they would be shocked."

Coldplay's forthcoming album is due out of the spring.

"I'm inspired by everything at the moment life is tremendously short," he added.

Source: NME

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