USA Weekend

July 24, 2005 11:04 AM

If you pick up a newspaper this weekend there's a good chance you'll spot Coldplay. Devon wrote in to let us all know that Coldplay is featured in this weekend's edition of USA Weekend.

The following comes directly from Devon:

Get up close and personal with rock supergroup Coldplay in USA WEEKEND Magazines 7/24 issue. All is divulged as they talk about their beginning as Starfish, where the lyrics come from and what they believe in.

"Everything in my life comes up," Martin says, of the words he writes. "Gwyneth's in there. My friends are in there. The way I see the world is in there. The lyrics come out and I just – try not to get in their way."

Check your local newspaper for your own copy of USA Weekend or read this article online at beginning 7/22.

And for those of you who are lazy, here's the direct link. :)

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Smaller Venues for Next British Tour

July 22, 2005 6:37 PM

Saying "we're not quite Bon Jovi yet," Coldplay frontman Chris Martin told the band would focus on smaller venues for its next British tour.

Despite playing for hundreds of thousands of fans during its recent British tour, Martin said it may have been too much, too soon.

"We're not really a stadium band," he said.

"I think all of us feel like when we next come to England – when we next come home – we only want to play indoors," he added. "Because we don't feel we can really make the most of that space yet. It's all getting very geeky and technological, but we're not Bon Jovi quite yet."

Source: The Washington Times

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Coldplay's Visit to Google Headquarters

July 18, 2005 10:49 PM

Can you picture the members of Coldplay riding around on a segway? Neither can I!

Via Google Blog

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Reebok Stadium, Bolton Review

July 15, 2005 6:54 PM

Knowing how us Brits like to kick a man when he's up, Messrs Martin, Berryman, Champion and Buckland must have been wishing for a few heavy suits of armour as they faced the public, over the past weeks. Even the most self-assured man would have been preparing for at least a modicum of a backlash.

But the battering never came. Emerging unscathed and indeed revelling in the glorified aftermath of No 1 chart success, Glastonbury and Live 8, this, the final leg of their UK tour must feel like child's play.

From the minute they bounded on stage, and as the audience lip-synched faultlessly through "Square 1", "Speed of Sound" and "Talk", it became apparent the results in this stadium tonight were a foregone conclusion. Martin with his newfound confidence, could have crooned a maudlin cover of Russ Abbot's "What an Atmosphere", and still had the 30,000 strong audience eating out of his hands.

"Yellow", as ever, rocked as solidly as any anthem should, but this time it was relegated to an early slot, giving top billing to new material and old favourites such as "Everything's Not Lost" and "Don't Panic".

Spectacular visuals, fireworks and rock riffs of U2 proportions had the devotees clapping and screaming in unnerving "Radio Gaga" stylee. Unassuming Martin, on the other hand, managed to erase any godlike persona his surrounds lent him, by pouring forth a multitude of down-to-earth Denise Van Outen, and "baldness" wise-cracks.

Coldplay are not the boys we once knew. Tonight the fire was burning larger than ever and one mother of a phoenix had risen. Johnny Buckland launched into a hyper enthused, front of stage guitar solo, Will Champion momentarily ditched his drums for a keyboard, Martin was a stranger to humility and even Guy Berryman slide out from behind his instrument and had a dabble on the mouth organ.

And as the lights came down on an ethereal "Fix You", the fab four took a bow and departed leaving a stunned and beaming audience. Not a flat "back of the neck" hair in the house, except that is from a few old timers who reminisced of days gone by and Martin's fumbled apologies, a lonesome guitar riff, and a venue small enough to warrant only one front door.

Source: ContactMusic

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Chris Martin Quotes Abound

July 09, 2005 12:37 AM

Filter magazine's issue No. 16 lets Chris Martin babble about his band and life. Some of the pithier snippets:

On the success of his band: "Let me be clear: We're an incredibly arrogant band and we believe in ourselves above all others. But we also acknowledge that there's no way we can take credit for where we are. I didn't design my larynx, if you want to go right back to Square 1. ... So we work very hard to capitalize and validate what we've been given. Because we have been given it. It's not graciousness, it's just honesty."

Reflecting on his daughter, his actress wife Gwyneth Paltrow, his fans, and his career: "Everything in my life is a fragile decision that somebody else made."

On what he has in common with Coldplay fans: "Well, I'm terrifically handsome and incredibly intelligent."

On the general perception of his band: "Everyone wants to talk with the singer but you really shouldn't even bother asking the singer about lyrics or how the band is perceived, because he or she has no idea."

On the broad, pop appeal of his record: "Well, it's not as if we've just written 12 radio-friendly ballads ... we've written six."

On Detroit star Eminem: " 'Mockingbird' really moves me."

On the Strokes: "They are incredibly potent. The reason they get such acclaim is that they clearly know the past but they're writing songs that no one's written yet. They're retro-futurists. They're going to be a force to be reckoned with for a long time."

On U2: "Our album doesn't have a single song on it as good as 'With or Without You' or 'Where the Streets Have no Name.'"

On Missy Elliot: "When she works with (music producer) Timbaland, she's unstoppable."

On Jay-Z: "I think he's a genius."

On Radiohead: "I think if you imagine Radiohead going through a jungle clearing a path, then we're the ones who are probably just criminally paving it. I always see Radiohead as the braver people."

Source: Detroit Free Press

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