NME Tracks Down Stage Goer

July 03, 2002 10:58 PM

26 year old Patrick Harvey, who courageously hopped on stage and stole the mic away from Chris during Coldplay's performance at the Royal Festival Hall, has been tracked down by

When asked about his decision to get on stage, Harvey said "I was surprised that no one was trying to jump on the stage themselves. Because the stage was so low and there was nobody about I just bent my leg and up I was! I think someone came on stage to get me and Chris (Martin) waved him away."

Apparently Harvey's girlfriend was more than impressed by the stunt, as were Natalie Imbruglia and several other Coldplay fans, who eventually congratulated him on his efforts.

For more on the man who sang "Yellow," see

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UK and US Tour News

July 02, 2002 6:05 PM

A great deal of tour information has been released today. First off, for fans in the UK, has announced that Coldplay will be touring UK arenas in October. The tour dates are as follows:

  • Glasgow SECC (October 4)
  • Newcastle Telewest Arena (October 5)
  • Birmingham NIA (October 7)
  • Nottingham Arena (October 8)
  • Manchester MEN Arena (October 11)
  • Brighton Centre (October 14)
  • Bournemouth International Centre (October 15)
  • Plymouth Pavilions (October 17)
  • Port Talbot Afan Lido (October 18)
  • London Wembley Arena (October 20)
  • Belfast Odyssey Arena (October 23)
Tickets will go on sale for those shows on July 6th.

And now some news for us fans in the United States. The Official Coldplay Website announced today that the band will be playing a series of small club dates in the US in August. The schedule for those shows is as follows:

  • Boston - Paradise (August 6)
  • Philadelphia - TLA (August 7)
  • Washington DC - 930 Club (August 10)
  • New York - Bowry (August 12)
  • Minneapolis - 1st Avenue (August 14)
  • San Francisco (August 18)
  • LA - El Rey (August 20)
Apparently tickets for these shows will be available exclusively through Information will be sent out to mailing list members on the 8th of July, and will officially go on sale on July 9th.

And now one last little tidbit, also coming from Three new tracks from Coldplay's performance at Denmark's Midtfyns Festival will be streamed online after July 4th. Should be good!

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A Response from

July 02, 2002 4:44 PM

A very nice girl over at, Melissa, had the following to say when I asked why Coldplay's set was not being webcast on their site:

"There are a lot of reasons, really. First of all, we were restricted by the bands that BBC filmed, and those were only the ones on the Pyramid and Other Stages after 1pm (so Coldplay would've been okay on that count). The other big factor was getting clearance from the bands and their record companies, and sadly, quite a few did not wish to be webcast. I don't know whether Coldplay specifically fell into this category, as another person in the office spoke to the record companies and worked out the legalities involved."

"It probably won't make you feel any better, but they did put on a stunning performance with lots of new songs, so I wish you the best and hope you get to see them in the flesh very soon."

"cheers, melissa"

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Thievery at Glastonbury

June 29, 2002 5:06 PM

While the "Berlin-like" wall at this year's Glastonbury Festival has managed to keep ticketless people out of the festival, it hasn't managed to keep out those who carry tickets that don't belong to them.

Apparently, 146 tickets have been stolen, together with mobile phones, wallets and cash from innocent festival-goers. Despite this statistic, all other aspects of the festival have improved since the last one two years ago.

See Yahoo News for the full story.

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Glastonbury: A Success

June 28, 2002 8:43 PM

As promised, Coldplay's set at the Glastonbury Festival showcased several songs from their upcoming album. Chris Martin was in good spirits, and thanked the crowd for making the festival so special. He apparently apologized numerous times throughout the night for not being Rod Stewart (who plays the festival later this weekend). As far as I am concerned, he is more than forgiven. Ananova reports that Chris also jokingly referred to the festival's strict new security measures by changing the lyrics to one track and singing, "If you're outside without a ticket, you'll have to watch it on the telly."

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