$2 Bill and Access Hollwood

August 25, 2002 9:47 PM

Just a quick television update. Look for a rerun of the $2 Bill show on MTV2 at 12am Eastern, August 26th. It is also due to air on MTV at 1:30am that same day. It will then repeat again on MTV2 at 11pm Eastern. On August 27th, the date of 'A Rush of Blood to the Head's' U.S. release, Coldplay is scheduled to appear on Access Hollywood, which is currently a syndicated show. This means you'll have to check your local listings. It's scheduled to come on at 7pm Eastern. Then, starting in September, you can catch Coldplay numerous times on HBOZ's 'Reverb.' For more information on this or any other listings, see RockOnTV.

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Win a Prize Pack!

August 24, 2002 2:54 PM

BBC America's Britbeat is giving away five Coldplay prize packs including the new CD, A Rush of Blood to the Head, a rare interview CD, a set of limited edition postcards, a very rare (and commercially unavailable) concert poster, and a t-shirt. To enter, click here.

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London Gig Announced

August 23, 2002 4:53 PM

Coldplay, according to Ananova and NME, has announced a gig in London, England on August 29th. They will play the London Forum just 3 days after the release of their sophomore album in the UK. I'm guessing this is the surprise that Chris had for Radio 1, because dotmusic is reporting that news of the gig was first released on the radio station last night and that the show is already sold out. The site also says that "fans who missed out on tickets can win one of 20 pairs through the official Coldplay website."

I also stumbled upon a nice, short interview over at VH1 that is definitely worth a read. In the interview, Chris and Jonny discuss anything from the pressure of creating a follow-up to 'Parachutes' to their advertising policy following ABC's use of 'Yellow' off the last album.

And finally, PlayLouder, a site that seems to enjoy poking fun at Coldplay, has a small snippet up on their site making fun of the fact that Chris called a sick fan in the middle of their San Francisco set (see previous news). To read the article (and then complain) see PlayLouder.

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Gwyneth Paltrow & Visual Stimuli

August 23, 2002 1:38 PM

Warning: the following is most likely just a rumor, however, being the relayer of all possible Coldplay information, I feel I should post it. Dora, a Coldplay fan of 3 years, brought to my attention the fact that the U.S. TV show, Extra, has shined light on a possible relationship between Coldplay's lead singer, Chris Martin, and famous actress Gwyneth Paltrow. Extra apparently pointed out that Chris dedicated a song to her at their recent Bowery Ballroom show in New York, and now think that the two are an item. I suppose only time will tell, so we'll see.

Now for the visual stimuli. If you haven't seen it yet, Rolling Stone Magazine's website has some great new photos up from the band's recent U.S. club tour. There are also some exclusive interviews over at, and just below them you will find video from their recent appearance on MTV2's $2 Bill show ('In My Place' and 'Politik').

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Good Ol' Coldplay

August 23, 2002 3:10 AM

This news comes a little late, but don't blame me – blame dotmusic. Apparently, during Coldplay's set in San Francisco Chris and the guys called up a seriously ill fan and serenaded him/her after receiving a letter informing them of the illness. Before calling the fan, Chris said "I know Bono usually does this kind of stuff in stadiums, but we're doing it in a tiny club." He then asked the crowd to scream as loud as they could before laying down the phone to play the sick fan 'See You Soon.' What a great band!

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