BBC London Interview & Competition

August 28, 2002 7:01 PM

I received an email from BBC London early this morning letting me know that Coldplay will be interviewed tonight at 9pm by Gary Crowley of BBC London 94.9 FM. You can listen live via the web at, but don't fret if you happen to miss it. Starting tomorrow, August 29th, you will be able to download the interview and enter a special online Coldplay competition. No word yet as to what type of competition, so definitely check it out tomorrow. To access Gary Crowley's page directly, click here.

And just a small mention of Coldplay, but still newsworthy, over at Yahoo! News in an article about the new Rolling Stone magazine.

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The Day Has Come

August 27, 2002 11:35 PM

The day all of us U.S. fans have been waiting for has finally arrived. 'A Rush of Blood to the Head,' Coldplay's follow-up to 'Parachutes,' was released today. I was happy, after stopping by Seattle's Tower Records, to find that the copy I picked up had 11 songs on it, instead of the 10 I feared I would find. Apparently there is no difference between the UK and U.S. releases, meaning we Americans don't have to worry about missing out on Amsterdam. Thank goodness!

With the album being in stores and everyone and their mother reviewing it, there is a ton of news to report. I'll start off by saying that VH1 has a great little article about the trouble, if you'll excuse the pun, that the band had to endure in making their sophomore release. In it, Chris is quoted as saying "Perhaps there's a bit more urgency on some of these songs. And that's born from all the places we've been and the thing's we've experienced. Some of our friends have died or some of us have fallen in love. Some of us have fallen out of love and some of us have been to Haiti and some us been to Australia. Some of us have met Bono and some of us have met someone with nothing. It's like a massive culture gun fired at our heads. All this stuff has been happening to us, and now we have the opportunity to put it into some songs." To read the entire article, see Coldplay Bleed For Beauty On A Rush Of Blood To The Head.

And now on to the album reviews. You can read reviews of 'A Rush of Blood to the Head' at,, a negative one at, E! Online, and Amazon.

That's about all there is to report for now. I've listened to the album a few times now and I am loving every second of it! If anyone has any comments about 'ARoBttH,' post them in the forum.

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Coldplay Turns Down $85M

August 26, 2002 5:02 PM

COLDPLAY's Chris Martin has turned down $85 million to use the band's music for advertising. While many artists including 'independent' artists have licensed their music or actually appeared in ads for brands such as Gap, Coldplay have decided to make a stand against it. Moby famously licensed every single track from 'Play'.

"What does it matter? It matters everything, man," he told US website Allstar. "What does it matter that Mike Myers, five years ago in Wayne's World, did a whole skit taking the mickey out of product placement, and now, in Austin Powers, there is something being advertised in pretty much every scene. That's what upsets me. That they have made a third film where they have used the same jokes and just added a whole bunch of coffee cups."

However Blur, while licensing some tracks, famously turned down a mult-million dollar deal for the US Military to use 'Song 2'.

Chris Martin joked that he was "sure" that when they "fuck up" they will "go crawling back to the Gap and say, 'Hey, are you sure you don't want a song?'"

Source: NME

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Chris is Ready for Love

August 26, 2002 4:54 PM

Coldplay singer Chris Martin says he's ready for a new relationship 18 months after splitting up with his last girlfriend.

He had thought he and Lily Sobhani would get married before they broke up.

Chris even wrote the song Warning Sign on Coldplay's new album about the experience.

He told The Sun: "The track is about breaking up with my girlfriend. It was tough."

But Chris adds he is interested in a new relationship even though he hasn't dated many girls.

He said: "I'm just like everyone else and I think girls are great but I'm just a little boy yet - I haven't been out with lots of girls.

"Men are all just silly creatures running around and I'm the first to lust after girls, though I do get embarrassed and shy.

"At the moment I really, really fancy the actress Rachel Weisz. I'd like to take Rachel to fly a kite on Hampstead Heath. That would be cosy.

"It's really mad, fame. One paper even said I was going out with Natalie Imbruglia. Another said Gwyneth Paltrow - should I sue them? I was really p***ed off with them because it's not true.

"The only person I've ever been pictured embracing in public was Mo Mowlam and I'm fine with that."

Coldplay's new album A Rush Of Blood To The Head is out today.

Source: Ananova

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Coldplay Showing Its Politics

August 26, 2002 4:39 PM

While Coldplay gears up for the release Tuesday (August 27) of its second album, A Rush Of Blood To The Head, the band, and especially frontman Chris Martin, is still making time to let its political leanings known.

On Wednesday (August 21), Martin and drummer Will Champion made a surprise appearance at Los Angeles concert in support of the human-rights organization Amnesty International. At the group's tour-closing show in L.A. the night before, Martin appeared on stage wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the words: "Make Trade Fair." Make Trade Fair is a U.K.-based campaign that aims to end the exploitation of third world workers by changing international trade rules.

Martin tells LAUNCH, "You know how much fuss there is over all the G-8 summits and people protesting at the World Trade Organization ( news - web sites) and everything, and really a lot of that has to do with the way that trade laws around the world are not really that fair, you know? If you're American or English or French, you know, you don't really notice because everything's kinda hunky-dory for us, you know? But if you go around a lot of the world, you know, farmers and producers and workers just don't get what the should, you know, and that's ridiculous."

Martin says that the least he can do is wear a T-shirt. "And so, by wearing T-shirts and by, you know, making yourself look (like) an idiot, maybe you just raise awareness a little bit."

Source: Yahoo! News

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