Bernie's Review of 'Coldplay: Look at the Stars'

Coldplay: Look at the Stars Gary Spivack's "Coldplay: Look at the Stars" is a captivating look into the emergence of Coldplay as a rock phenomenon. With the exception of a few small annoyances (like referring to Will Champion as "Wil" or the song "Politik" as "Politix") this new book provides a colorful view of the evolution of a band that has had numerous ups and downs over the course of its relatively new career.

The many witty band quotes, the enthralling color photos and the day-to-day accounts of the band's many tours make up the silver lining of the book. Spivack does an excellent job of making the reader feel like he or she is "along for the ride," and his "backstage" observations help the reader to understand the true, what Spivack calls "schizophrenic," nature of Coldplay.

"Colplay: Look at the Stars" is a true page turner, and Coldplay fans will have a hard time putting it down. Luckily for them, at just over 130 pages (with pictures included throughout), they will most likely be able to read the book from front to back in a single sitting.

Thank you, Gary Spivack, for sharing your intimate look at a brilliant band and their timeless music with those of us who have been moved, awed and inspired by their musical and emotional contributions to our lives.

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