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Originally posted on September 12, 2002 6:53 PM

As pointed out by the Official Coldplay News Ticker, there is a great new article over at that features dialogue between Coldplay and New York band, The Strokes, as well as some interplay between Oasis' Liam Gallagher and Chris Martin. The following is a little excerpt from the full article, which you can read here.

Saturday night, in D.C., at the 9:30 Club, backstage. Coldplay are halfway through a club tour in advance of A Rush of Blood's release. It's just two hours to showtime, and all four of the guys are crowded in a little room the size of a middle-class teenager's bedroom. Buckland, an extremely quiet guy, is sitting in one corner, a messy mop of wild hair atop his head, eating potato chips. Berryman, who looks like a floppy-haired younger Ralph Fiennes, is on the other side of the room, sipping a Beck's. Champion's beautiful dark-haired girlfriend leans on his shoulder as he quietly strums a guitar. The room would be placid but for Martin. He rushes around, first using his portable humidifier on his throat, then dumping his daytime clothes in a corner and lying on the floor to do some stretches. He pays extra attention to his wrists, strained from banging the piano. "I love getting prepared," he says. "The whole Rocky thing."

And in other news, be sure to catch the band on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight. The show will air on NBC at 11:35pm Pacific. Check your local listings, just to be sure. I'm guessing the band will play "In My Place," but who knows...maybe they'll be tricky and play "The Scientist." Either way it will be fun to see them on TV again.

And finally, you may recall that this site featured an exclusive review and setlist from Coldplay's recent gig in San Francisco, thanks to Denise Nazzal (see September 10th news). Well, Ada contributed the following extra bit of information about that particular gig:

"I have read the SF show review, and indeed the show was brilliant. I just wanted to add a minor note – during encore, they actually played a little bit of the song 'Sitting on the Dock of the Bay'... just for us in 'Frisco Bay'. It was a very nice touch!"

Thanks, Ada, for sharing that with us! With this, and Chris' singing a few bars of Pearl Jam's 'Alive' at the Seattle show, it seems that Coldplay's lead singer is doing all he can to give each show its own personal touch. We'll have to see if he keeps this up for the remainder of the tour.

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