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Originally posted on September 07, 2002 3:58 AM

Coldplay have been "blown away" by the reaction to their new album 'A Rush Of Blood To The Head'.

"Knowing the reaction to the album and how many people have got the new album has really blown us away," wrote drummer Will on coldplay.com. "Knowing that people seem to be into what we are doing even if it is different to what we did before is really amazing for us because for a long time, we really didn't know. Thank you to all of you."

He continued: "Playing at the Kentish Town Forum last Thursday was a real relief; for the first time we didn't have to apologise for playing lots of new songs, and we certainly felt more relaxed and played the best we had for ages."

The diary entry also reveals how the band spent the last few months running up to the release of the No.1 album comparing it to the agony of expecting exam results.

"The period of waiting that occurred between the finishing of this album and its release was possibly one of the weirdest times we've had for a while. It was like waiting for exam results, knowing that we felt confident (sort of) in our own heads about what we'd done, but not having a clue whether our best was good enough."

'A Rush Of Blood To The Head' has been nothing short of a revelation being hailed as a critical triumph while simultaneously becoming the biggest selling album of the year to date.

In the next few weeks, the band will be concentrating on North America with major TV appearances on Jay Leno's The Tonight Show (Sept 12) and Late Night with Conan O'Brien (Sept 26) plus a trip to Canada.

Source: dotmusic

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