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Originally posted on September 04, 2002 2:39 PM

I was contacted by Chart magazine today in regards to their September issue. Coldplay has made the cover this month, and there is a full feature on them including exclusive pictures. The cover can be seen via this site's home page, but a larger version is available with the full article at

In addition to the article and photos, the site is offering exclusive downloads of Coldplay wallpaper. All you die-hards out there should definitely take a look. And that's not all, either. They are offering a contest giving Coldplay fans a chance at winning some very cool "Coldplay goodies." Beware, there is a skill-test involved, but if you don't pass it you don't deserve the cool stuff anyway! To enter the contest, click here.

In other news, I've teamed up with to help give Coldplay fans access to things like band posters and keychains (in case they aren't lucky enough to be winning all these contests). Be sure to visit the links page to access the site's banner and buy some cool Coldplay stuff.

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