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Originally posted on August 30, 2002 4:56 AM

Coldplay's live interview with Gary Crowley on BBC London 94.9pm last night is now available as a streaming download at the station's website. To access the interview directly, click on part 1 and then part 2. It's good to hear Will and John talking about the new album and recent Coldplay events, so definitely check it out.

Coldplay's recent Olympia gig in Paris is now available to watch as a webcast from I've also seen a few of the tracks available to download on WinMX (and heard more are available via Kazaa).

And finally, it seems like forever and a day ago that Coldplay played the Midtfyns fact, you'll have to scroll all the way back to July 4th to read about it on my news page. However, if you DO remember that posting, you'll also remember that my translation relealed that promised to unveil the entire concert via webcast during the month of August. They didn't lie, because the entire show is now available to stream. To watch the show, choose either broadband or modem as your stream speed. Have fun!

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