Chris is Ready for Love

Originally posted on August 26, 2002 4:54 PM

Coldplay singer Chris Martin says he's ready for a new relationship 18 months after splitting up with his last girlfriend.

He had thought he and Lily Sobhani would get married before they broke up.

Chris even wrote the song Warning Sign on Coldplay's new album about the experience.

He told The Sun: "The track is about breaking up with my girlfriend. It was tough."

But Chris adds he is interested in a new relationship even though he hasn't dated many girls.

He said: "I'm just like everyone else and I think girls are great but I'm just a little boy yet - I haven't been out with lots of girls.

"Men are all just silly creatures running around and I'm the first to lust after girls, though I do get embarrassed and shy.

"At the moment I really, really fancy the actress Rachel Weisz. I'd like to take Rachel to fly a kite on Hampstead Heath. That would be cosy.

"It's really mad, fame. One paper even said I was going out with Natalie Imbruglia. Another said Gwyneth Paltrow - should I sue them? I was really p***ed off with them because it's not true.

"The only person I've ever been pictured embracing in public was Mo Mowlam and I'm fine with that."

Coldplay's new album A Rush Of Blood To The Head is out today.

Source: Ananova

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