$2 Bill and Access Hollwood

Originally posted on August 25, 2002 9:47 PM

Just a quick television update. Look for a rerun of the $2 Bill show on MTV2 at 12am Eastern, August 26th. It is also due to air on MTV at 1:30am that same day. It will then repeat again on MTV2 at 11pm Eastern. On August 27th, the date of 'A Rush of Blood to the Head's' U.S. release, Coldplay is scheduled to appear on Access Hollywood, which is currently a syndicated show. This means you'll have to check your local listings. It's scheduled to come on at 7pm Eastern. Then, starting in September, you can catch Coldplay numerous times on HBOZ's 'Reverb.' For more information on this or any other listings, see RockOnTV.

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