Coldplay May Release New Album in 2009

Originally posted on August 22, 2008 12:21 AM

Coldplay are reportedly set to release a new album in 2009 - despite the fact that the band's last record, 'Viva La Vida Or Death And all His Friends', was only released in June.

A report in The Sun (August 21) suggests that the band's 'Viva La Vida..' sessions with producer Brian Eno had been so successful that they were now looking to rush-release a new album of already recorded material.

A source at the band's label EMI said: "The 'Viva La Vida...' sessions were incredibly fruitful. They gelled brilliantly with Brian and recorded much more music than they could fit on one album.

"The majority of the follow-up is already in the can, though they will have to go back into the studio at some point to add a few more songs."

Frontman Chris Martin previously revealed that the band had recorded a song with Kylie Minogue, titled 'Luna', which didnít make it onto 'Viva La Vida...', saying that the song "will be on a record we will put out in 2009".

However a spokesperson for EMI denied reports the move would let the band out of their record deal with the label, telling NME.COM: "Contrary to inaccurate reports in The Sun, Coldplay are signed to a long-term record deal with EMI and are committed to produce a number of albums. The band's relationship with EMI is both long-term and positive."

Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones and Radiohead have all recently left EMI. The label was taken over by private equity firm Terra Firma in 2007.

Source: NME

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