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Originally posted on January 09, 2008 12:24 AM

In a single article at Xfm (and covered in several other articles elsewhere), quite a few interesting rumors have been unveiled regarding Coldplay's plans. First off, the big news of the day seems to be that Coldplay may be leaving their current record label, EMI, before the release of the studio album to follow the album currently known as 'Prospekt'. This rumor is being thrown around because another rumor has popped up that the band will be releasing a greatest hits album in 2009, which would finish out their five-album deal with EMI. In addition to those rumors, it's been suggested that their fourth album, the one we're currently awaiting, may show up to buy and/or download in May or June of this year.

So, in short:

  • Coldplay may be leaving their current record label, EMI, in the near future.
  • Coldplay's forthcoming album, which is tentatively titled 'Prospekt,' may show up in stores in May or June of this year.
  • The follow-up to 'Prospekt' may be a greatest hits album.

It makes sense to hear that Coldplay will be leaving their options open at the end of their contract considering all that is currently going on in the music industry right now. However, I have to say I am a bit surprised to hear that they're already considering putting out a greatest hits album. I'd much prefer a Rarities/B-Sides type of release myself, but I guess that's just me.

Stay tuned for more information on the band, their label, the new album and the rumored greatest hits album as it becomes available.

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