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Originally posted on August 11, 2002 8:31 PM

As you've probably already heard, Coldplay's first single from 'A Rush of Blood to the Head,' 'In My Place,' debuted at #2 on the UK singles chart this week after selling nearly 46,000 copies. It's the highest position for a single that the band has ever had. They were topped by Darius, who remains at #1 for the second week. For more on the singles chart, see Yahoo! News.

I received an interesting email today concerning the U.S. release of 'A Rush of Blood to the Head.' It seems that the U.S. version is only going to have 10 tracks on it, unlike the UK version which is to contain 11. Unless the track shows up as a hidden surprise, 'Amsterdam' looks to be an omission from the U.S. release. Websites such as MTV and CDNow have pretty much confirmed this to be true. However, CDNow does offer the purchase of 'A Rush of Blood to the Head' containing an extra bonus track, which I'm guessing is 'Amsterdam,' albeit at a higher price (import?). I guess the moral of the story for U.S. fans is to buy your copy from, get the extra track, and get yourself in the running for the limited edition lyric book at the same time.

And now just a brief tour/tv reminder. Be sure to catch Coldplay on MTV2's $2 Bill show tonight at 2am Eastern (repeat) if you missed it the first time around. Also, the band will be playing the Bowery Ballroom in New York tomorrow and then the First Avenue Main Room in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Wednesday the 14th. If anyone can write a review or send in the setlist, please let me know.

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