Coldplay's New Album Labeled 'Experimental'

Originally posted on June 01, 2007 8:49 PM

Coldplay are reportedly heading in a new direction with their fourth album - with a rocky edge to their music.

It seems frontman Chris Martin was so excited by their new sound that he got Embrace pal Danny McNamara to listen in.

The musician, who penned the official World Cup 2006 anthem, told the Daily Star: "Chris gave me a sneak listen to some of the new tracks and they blew me away.

"They are very experimental and much more out-there than what you would expect - they are breathtaking.

"There are lots of big fat guitar riffs but soulful, emotional moments too. Chris played me a track which was just him and a piano and I just thought, 'Wow'.

"They haven't planned any dates for releasing it yet. You can't put a deadline on that kinda stuff."

He continued: "Whatever your expectations of Coldplay music, throw them out the window."

Source: Virgin Media

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