Darius and Coldplay

Originally posted on August 10, 2002 2:01 PM

'Pop Idol' runner-up Darius is set to beat Gareth, Britney Spears, George Michael and Will Smith in the Top 40 this week, but he's still up against Coldplay.

Darius told Radio 1 he isn't worried though because he loves Coldplay, loves Chris Martin and loves their first album:

"'Parachutes' was an album that really got me through last year actually. After 'Popstars' I had a really bad time through the press."

"The lyric, 'they spun a web for me' kind of echoed in my head whenever I was playing their album. They're an incredible band and they're incredible people. I saw Chris, actually, the other weekend, and he's a really, really incredible guy."

But Coldplay's Chris remembers their meeting a bit differently:

"I met Darius the other way, and I was so rude, I was in such a bad mood, I just sort of walked past him and shook his hand on the way. So he deserves to be No.1 cos I acted like a **** when I met him!"

Source: BBC Radio 1

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