Jay-Z Collaboration Becomes Underground Hit

Originally posted on October 01, 2006 10:07 AM

Coldplay singer Chris Martin's singing on a new Jay-Z track will not make it to the rapper's new album, but the song has become a New York club sensation.

Life Style Extra reported that a sample of the as-yet-unnamed track has met with great success in the city's expansive club scene, but will not be featured on Jay-Z's upcoming "Kingdom Come" album.

A source confirmed that the melding of the two musical sensations was simply an experiment for the two singers and represented a bit of fun between the two stars.

"Jay taught him a verse and he was recorded doing about a minute of it." the source told Life Style Extra of the Coldplay front man.

"It's not for Jay's album, it's just a bit of fun," the source added. "Chris loved it and had a laugh holding the microphone like a rapper and grabbing his crotch while he was rhyming."

Source: United Press International

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