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Originally posted on August 07, 2002 8:12 PM

Apparently there has been a little confusion about the new 'In My Place' single. I was unable to find it in stores yesterday, and it sounds like I wasn't the only one. Some people in the official Coldplay message board were complaining that the copies they did find only had 'In My Place' on them, or only one of the b-sides (in addition to 'In My Place') rather than both. Since it was cheaper with free shipping and I might get a limited edition lyric book out of the deal, I just decided to buy mine from Hopefully those of you out there who haven't picked up a copy yet will find what you're looking for soon.

According to Ananova, the new single is on its way to being topped by Darius' 'Colourblind' this week. This is according to mid-week sales figures, though, and may change. Maybe as people start finding the copy they want the figure will increase and give 'In My Place' a nice sales boost.

Virgin Radio has set up page dedicated to Coldplay on their site, and you can now listen to some great-quality audio tracks from their in-studio session. You can also listen in on an inteview they did for The Pete & Geoff Show, and take a look at some photos from their recent session. If you don't feel like heading over to the site, you can click the following links for God Put a Smile Upon My Face, In My Place (beautiful version), and the interview.

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