Why Duet w/ Chris was Pulled from Nelly Furtado's Album

Originally posted on June 06, 2006 5:49 AM

Chris Martin's collaboration with Nelly Furtado was axed from her new album because his voice was too "rocky".

The duet, 'All Good Things', was removed from the track-listing on the singer's latest LP, 'Loose', on the orders of the Coldplay frontman's record company EMI.

Initially it was not known why the song had been removed at the last minute but Nelly has now revealed that bosses at EMI thought Martin's usually melancholy tones were too raucous and pulled the plug.

She said: "Chris' label didn't want his voice sounding so rocky, so they said we couldn't use the song."

'All Good Things' does still appear on the album, which is released next Monday (12.06.06), but with just Nelly's vocals on it.

This is not the first time a duet involving the singer has been stopped by his record company.

Martin, who is married to Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow, recorded the original vocal to The Streets' UK hit 'Dry Your Eyes'.

The group's frontman, Mike Skinner, revealed: "I asked him to do it and he did, but I don't think his record company liked it."

Source: Life Style Extra

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