Two Estonian Students Chat with Coldplay via Skype

Originally posted on June 01, 2006 8:12 AM

Two Estonian university students enjoyed a private 20-minute Skype call with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin yesterday.

Edging out 6,000 other hopefuls, the pair was handpicked by band members from a worldwide pool of contestants who left a message in Coldplay's Skype voicemail to tie in with the release of "Talk," the hypnotic hit single released from Coldplay's multi-platinum third album "X&Y" a few months ago.

The contest was a joint promotion by Skype, the global Internet communications company, and EMI, the world's largest independent music company. The promotion was open to all Skype users through a dedicated contest website at The site also features a streaming video of the "Talk" single, directed by Anton Corbijn.

The winning entry by 22-year-olds Kaisa Mannik and Tiiu Laks, chosen for its originality and character, passionately highlighted the difference between the way bear sounds are impersonated around the world ("Rawwrrrggghhh!"), and the way it is done in Estonia ("Momm-momm!").

"Turns out Chris Martin actually is as friendly and cool as he appears on the Web, TV and magazines," Kaisa Mannik said after the Skype conversation with the Coldplay singer. "There were no awkward moments. He was just the way we expected him to be: famous, but down-to-earth."

"The next Coldplay album will be very interesting and experimental," added Tiiu Laks. "Which is great, but we also got him to promise to meet us, should they ever play in Estonia. I told Chris I'll be a lawyer soon and he better keep his word. He agreed."

Skype allows anyone with an Internet connection to make free Internet voice and video calls.

Available in 27 languages, Skype is used by people in almost every country around the world, and Skyping has become a global phenomenon.

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