Coldplay Turns to Fans to Film

Originally posted on March 06, 2006 7:29 AM

Coldplay is getting set to make a concert video, putting cameras in the hands of fans to film a two-night stand in Canada.

Coldplay lifts the idea from The Beastie Boys, who passed out handheld cameras to fans to shoot concert footage for its Awesome! I Fuckin' Shot That!. Similarly, Coldplay will scrimp on camera-operator fees and union dues, and have its fans shoot amateur footage of two shows, March 22 and 23 in Toronto's Air Center.

Where The Beastie Boys loaned cameras to fans, Coldplay lays the hype on thickly for its shows. Fans must enter a sweepstakes by sitting through episodes of Entertainment Tonight Canada then logging onto a website and answering questions. Winners will have the chance to help Coldplay shoot a concert DVD for its X&Y (2005, Capitol).

The Beasties' video is slated to screen this month at the South By Southwest Film Festival.

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