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Originally posted on January 27, 2006 12:34 PM

If ever a show was a perfect fit for KeyArena, it was Coldplay's huge extravaganza there Wednesday night.

Opening a world tour, the British band went all out with busy lights, a massive curved video screen with impressive visuals, and an enormous, semicircular stage that matched the curves of the Key's interior.

Lead singer Chris Martin, rock's master of mellow, used everything in his bag of tricks to excite and involve the adoring crowd, which filled every seat in the house. He could barely keep himself on his stool as he banged on his upright piano, and was all over the stage when he sang or played guitar. At one point, he jumped from the stage, ran to the back - slapping hands along the way - and got up into the stands, where he was embraced by a pack of female fans, and he kept singing the whole time.

Flicking your Bic was replaced by turning on your cellphone. It looked like almost everyone in the 16,000-capacity hall was waving one during the big finale of "Fix You," and it was an impressive sight.

All that stage business - also including the dropping of huge yellow balloons (during the song "Yellow," natch) that burst over the crowd, sending out gold confetti - made for an eye-popping, fascinating show. And it helped obscure the lyrics, which often teetered on the edge of pretense, and occasionally fell in.

Martin strings together tired cliches and bad rhymes with astonishing hamminess. But fans don't seem to mind his clunky songwriting, because the music is so rich and romantic, and he's so sweet, playful and, well, mellow.

Opening act Fiona Apple was also a perfect fit, because her ego-centered lyrics also were marked by pretentiousness. Her songs were edgy and dramatic, and most of them were slow and brooding. That's probably why they didn't engage Coldplay's crowd.

Source: The Seattle Times

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