Chris and Jon Talk About Next Album

Originally posted on October 13, 2005 1:47 AM

They may still be touring the world in support of their last radio friendly multi-squillion unit shifting opus 'X&Y' (including some f***ing huge arena gigs in the UK this Christmas) but speaking to Xfm, a very jovial Chris Martin confessed that the band are at work on the new record already.

"We're always working on new material," he explained, "We've got no laurels to rest on, man. We're still looking for our laurels in my opinion. We've everything to prove and we've finished phase one of Coldplay and now we're gonna enter phase two, which could be the Abba phase it could be the transvestite phase, who knows, but it'll definitely be good."

Early rumours that the new Coldplay material will be radically more stripped down their last release, also seem to be true.

"We want to do something different," explained guitarist Johnny Buckland, "We don't want to keep doing the same thing all the time."

"It's not a reaction against anything as much as an evolvement." continued Chris, "But the new record's gonna blow your socks off. Or tights, depending on what you're wearing.

As for what Chris, his wife Gwyneth Paltrow and their little baby Apple are up to over next six months, its looks like the tree hugging, mung bean latte sipping crap is right out the window.

"Yeah, we're gonna make a Jackson 5 album with all our kids and basically sell out," Chris laughed, "There's OK magazine photo shoots, there's all kinds of reality television shows in the works, I can't even begin to tell you. There's a range of coffee mugs, it's gonna be big."

Source: XFM

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