'Fix You' Video

Originally posted on August 03, 2005 7:28 AM

The brand new music video for Coldplay's next single, "Fix You," is now available via MTV. The video, if you haven't seen it already, features a strangely similar scene to those found in past Coldplay videos – Chris Martin walking. MTV News has more:

The whole walking thing was Martin's idea, but, as [Sophie] Muller recently told MTV News, she was a bit hesitant to sign off on the concept. After all, it is strangely familiar to Coldplay fans.

"It's not like I came up with the idea of 'Let's have you walking' – it was Chris' idea. I think he feels comfortable walking, and I think he likes to wander the streets of London at night," she laughed. "I was worried about it, but I thought, 'Well, the difference this time around is that he's going somewhere.' "

All in all the video is another triumph for Coldplay, at least in my opinion. The crowd singalong at the end is very representative of the overall feel of seeing Coldplay live. To watch the video for yourself (without being ruthlessly tied in to MTV's browser requirements, click here.

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