Book Review: Coldplay

Originally posted on July 24, 2005 2:28 PM

A while back I received a copy of a new Coldplay book titled simply "Coldplay," that is chock full of amazing – and in some cases rare – photographs of our favorite band.

If you're a fan of great Coldplay content or pictures of Chris, Jon, Will and Guy (and I know you are or you wouldn't be here), you won't be disappointed by "Coldplay."

To get your copy today, head on over to Artnik. Once you're ready to checkout, use the code "Join-Artnik-05" to save 30% off the retail price.

Once you've had a chance to read the book and bask in the glory of all its photographs, be sure to stop back here and leave a comment so people can hear about just how great this book is.

Big props to Alex Hannaford for putting together such a great collector's item. Oh, and printing this website's address on the inner pages of the book didn't hurt either! ;)

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