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Originally posted on July 24, 2005 11:04 AM

If you pick up a newspaper this weekend there's a good chance you'll spot Coldplay. Devon wrote in to let us all know that Coldplay is featured in this weekend's edition of USA Weekend.

The following comes directly from Devon:

Get up close and personal with rock supergroup Coldplay in USA WEEKEND Magazines 7/24 issue. All is divulged as they talk about their beginning as Starfish, where the lyrics come from and what they believe in.

"Everything in my life comes up," Martin says, of the words he writes. "Gwyneth's in there. My friends are in there. The way I see the world is in there. The lyrics come out and I just – try not to get in their way."

Check your local newspaper for your own copy of USA Weekend or read this article online at beginning 7/22.

And for those of you who are lazy, here's the direct link. :)

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