San Francisco Mayor a Coldplay Fan

Originally posted on May 06, 2005 6:30 AM

Mayor Gavin Newsom boosted his hipness factor after spending about 15 minutes chatting with members of Coldplay on local radio.

Newsom, 36, called in to KLLC-FM to express his admiration for the band, quiz its members about recent performances and welcome them to the San Francisco Bay area.

In return, singer and frontman Chris Martin and drummer Will Champion invited Newsom to the band's show at the Fillmore 1,100 tickets sold out in mere seconds Sunday.

During the Wednesday call-in, Newsom, Martin, Champion and two disc jockeys chatted about the elections in the United Kingdom; Martin's daughter, Apple, with his wife, Gwyneth Paltrow; and Newsom's luxury resort in Napa, where Champion stayed earlier in the week.

After Newsom hung up, the band members said he sounded like a well-intentioned, genuine guy that San Francisco was lucky to have as mayor.

As for Wednesday night's sold-out show, Newsom didn't make it, spokesman Peter Ragone said Thursday. He attended a gala at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art instead.

Source: ABC News

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