Coldplay Playing Low-Key Shows in Europe

Originally posted on April 07, 2005 9:29 PM

NME is reporting the following:

The band are currently playing a series of low-key dates to road test their new album, and last night appeared in Amsterdam at the Melkweg venue (April 6).

According to fans at the show, the band took the opportunity to premiere a selection of songs from their new album 'X&Y' for the first time, including the title track, 'Low' and 'Till Kingdom Come.'

Other new songs which were played at their recent shows in LA were also played, including set opener 'Square One,' forthcoming single 'Speed Of Sound' and the ballad 'What If.'

They are also reporting a setlist from the show, and it is as follows:

  1. Square One
  2. Politik
  3. Speed Of Sound
  4. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
  5. Warning Sign
  6. X&Y
  7. Yellow
  8. Low
  9. The Scientist
  10. Til' Kingdom Come
  11. Clocks
  12. What If
  13. In My Place
  14. A Message
  15. Amsterdam

I'd love to hear from anyone who was able to make it to the show. If I hear any more details, I'll be sure to post them here, as always.

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