Chris' Marriage Rumored to be In Trouble

Originally posted on February 25, 2005 4:38 AM

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin's fairytale marriage is on the rocks, say friends.

Insiders close to the couple reckon they are going through "an incredibly rough patch" after a series of furious rows.

It is believed that the pressures of work and caring for eight-month-old daughter Apple is getting to them.

A friend told the Daily Mirror: "Adjusting to married life, then being parents and now trying to sort out their professional lives has been a lot more difficult and complicated than either of them imagined."

A spokesman for Coldplay frontman Martin, 27, who married Gywneth 18 months ago, denied there was a rift.

Martin and his Oscar-winning actress wife met in 2002 backstage at a Coldplay concert.

He is due to spend much of his time in London over the next few weeks trying to complete the band's overdue third album, while Gwyneth, 32, will be in Los Angeles.

She will be caring for Apple - and is also due to begin shooting on her latest movie, Running With Scissors.

Source: Sky Showbiz

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