Chris' Surprise Interview

Originally posted on July 19, 2004 2:40 PM

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has given an unexpected exclusive radio interview, revealing how fatherhood is treating him, the real story behind his collaboration with Mike Skinner and Coldplay's mock rap band, The Nappies.

Martin surprised listeners when he spoke to long-time Coldplay fan Thom Costall on his radio show on South Leicestershire's Harborough FM last week. The singer revealed that all's been well since the birth of his baby daughter Apple with Gwyneth Paltrow.

"Everything's great. I've just been writing lyrics and doing baby things." He enthused, "It's great man, it's the best thing that's ever happened. If someone told me my life at the moment would be changing nappies and writing lyrics I would've taken it, Y'know? It's my dream come true."

When asked if the birth had inspired him musically Martin replied, "Once you know you're gonna have a baby that kicks in anyway, so its been happening for 10 months, but I mean I'm not singing about nappies or anything."

As The Streets new release ‘Dry Your Eyes' heads into the Top 10, Martin also revealed how originally his vocals featured on the track, but never quite made it onto the finished version.

"Well it's an interesting story if you're into Coldplay and if you're not its really boring," he said, "But Mike Skinner, his new single is called ‘Dry Your Eyes' and there was this version of it which I sang the chorus. But I said I didn't think it was as good as the version where he sang the chorus. Then he didn't think that was as good as the version where some other dude sang the chorus, so neither him nor me sing on the chorus.

"But it was cool too, y'know it was cool to spend the day with him y'know. He's an amazing guy; you know there are some great rappers coming out. I don't know whether he'd class himself as a rapper or a MC or whatever.

Martin also chatted briefly about his influences for the new Coldplay record, saying, "I think he's [Jay-Z] amazing. I've been listening to Jay-Z and Kraftwerk a lot. Trying to get inspiration for the last few songs on our album."

Martin also joked with Costall about Coldplay's mock rap outfit The Nappies, who recorded a comedy song for Paltrow just before her baby's birth and put it up for a week on the Coldplay website.

"We've been very big fans of theirs for a while," he explained "And we signed them to our label and let them put out that single on our website. For us the novelty wore off so we sent them back to their day jobs.

"Do you mean does the new Coldplay record sound like Eamon?" Martin laughed when asked if the track would be an indication of the style of the new Coldplay album, "I think strangely it might. I think every white guy growing up in Devon dreams of being able to rap, and that's why we signed The Nappies – it was something that we could never be. But it's just that single track, now everyone's got to forget about them."

Source: XFM Online

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