More Coldplay Bashing

Originally posted on May 08, 2004 1:42 AM

She's only just found success, but Amy Winehouse hasn't let lack of experience stop her from hitting out at pop's megastars.

The 20-year-old, who was nominated for two Brits this year, criticised chart hitters Westlife and Coldplay in an interview for Elle magazine.

Speaking about the Brits, Winehouse said: "The standard of music in this country is piss-poor.

"Outkast and Beyonce come over to perform and it's just embarrassing: We've got Westlife."

Winehouse, who was expelled from the Sylvia Young Theatre School for "not applying herself" and has in the past called Dido "bland", also criticised Coldplay.

"I never write a song like 'life is terrible'. I always try to do it with a joke and be funny," she said.

The interview appears in the June issue of Elle magazine out tomorrow.


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