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Originally posted on July 14, 2002 7:44 PM

Will posted a new journal entry on on Friday. His entry reads as follows:

Well its been a while and quite a lot of stuff has happened. I suppose it's best to start at the beginning.

The recording of the album as you will no doubt read (or will have read already) was a weird time for all of us. Having been touring the first album for nearly 2 years we all felt it was time to get back in the studio. It was only really the fact that we were playing new songs on the second half of the touring that kept us going; the prospect of putting these ideas down on tape was all that we were looking forward to.

When we eventually finished touring in september of last year, we went straight into the studio without really taking too much time off. We set up in Mayfair studios in Primrose Hill with a view to getting some rough ideas down on tape, sort of pre production, so that when Ken came to the studio, we would have a better idea of what we were dealing with. Things seemed to be going really well, and in many cases we thought that we might actually have got some usable stuff down. Trouble is when things go smoothly with us, invariably it means that the end product is no good.

We spent two months working on songs, quite a few of which, after a break and reappraisal turned out to be not so good. Songs like Animals, Idiot, I Ran Away and Murder were chucked and we knew we had to change location and get writing. So we went back to our favourite studio "Studio 3 Parr St. Liverpool". It is fortunate that we did make that move because it was the place where the core of the album was written.

Songs that were chucked became ancestors to new songs, and songs like The Scientist, Daylight, A Whisper, Clocks arrived and were recorded within days of being written. It was quite an intense period of work, but the fact that we were frustrated and confused and sometimes panicked was bizzarely a good sign. Like i said before, for us, good things only come out of difficult times. With the bulk of songs recorded, we went back to London to finish off in Air studios.

As usual we anticipated the finishing of the record far too early. Knowing when to stop is the hardest part of making a record. The only way we could tell that songs were done was when the things we tried to add to it made it sound worse rather than better.

Ken Nelson is the master of knowing when to stop, countless times he would say ' I think it's lost the feel or the emotion', and it was down to him that we eventually saw the finish line. Ken and Mark Phythian, and Danton Supple helped us mix the record and we finally let it go. It was a mixture of relief and panic. We could not, and still can't tell if it is any good. All we know is that a some point, all of us thought that each song was the best we'd ever written. Whether people agree is a different matter.


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