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Originally posted on November 28, 2003 10:36 PM

It's funny that immediately following my post concerning a missed opportunity with singer/songwriter legend, Johnny Cash, a flurry of news articles would pop up with more details. Here's one of them:

Coldplay have revealed they wrote a song for Johnny Cash which remains incomplete following his death earlier this year.

According to Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, the band completed recordings on a track for the country legend and were waiting for him to lay-down the vocals.

Martin, speaking on Coldplay's official website, said Cash had made plans to travel to Los Angeles to record his vocals in September. Cash died a week before he was due in the studio.

Martin explained: "We did a song for Johnny Cash. We recorded it with Rick Rubin and everything and all that was missing was his vocals. He was going to fly out to LA the week after he died."

He added: "It's really sad."

'Unearthed', a five-CD compilation of material recorded with Rick Rubin during Johnny Cash's 'American Recordings' series, is released on December 8.

The above text was taken from DotMusic, but similar articles have popped up on many other news sources.

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