An Open Letter to the RIAA

Originally posted on October 15, 2003 5:57 PM

There is what I feel to be a very insightful and eye-opening letter to the RIAA over at EWORLDWIRE today. It was written by Greg Ross to represent the views of the record labels you don't frequently hear about – the independent ones.

I wouldn't typically post about such a letter here, but it does mention Coldplay, and therefore I think it is relevant enough for Coldplay fans to consider. In the letter, Mr. Ross observes:

When Itunes first launched, the band Coldplay's singles were all over the Itunes charts, probably because so many people had heard them, but were only familiar with one or two songs. After people sampled the songs and decided they liked what they heard, Coldplay's album went from the 50s to the top 5 on the Billboard charts. At the same time the album started to rise up the charts, the number of downloads started to drop. People liked what they heard and they went out to buy it.

If you have the time, I'd definitely recommend reading the open letter.

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