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Originally posted on August 30, 2003 4:57 PM

Dan from BBC 6Music wrote in yet again to let us all know that they plan to replay Coldplay's set from Glastonbury 2000 on Monday, September 8th from 10pm to 11pm and on Saturday, September 13th from 6am to 7am. Be sure not to miss it!

And while that particular gig is being shared with many, there is another one rumored to be going on very soon that is meant to be a very secret affair. Reuters is reporting that Chris Martin and a whole slew of other stars have arrived in Scotland this weekend in order to attend what they believe to be the wedding of Stella McCartney. Be sure to read the article for more information.

In an article at Guardian Unlimited titled "Coldplay beat the Britflop blues," Conor McNicholas, editor of the NME, has given Coldplay quite a profound compliment:

"Coldplay are exceptional for a whole host of reasons. They are by far and away the best British band that are working at the moment, and I include Radiohead in that, too."

"In terms of the records, their sheer hard graft, the column inches that Chris Martin's love life [with Gwyneth Paltrow] is getting and the intensity of their live performances, no other band are even close."

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