PlayLouder's Glastonbury Review

Originally posted on July 11, 2002 9:37 PM

For those of you who haven't read it yet, the following is taken from PlayLouder's review of Coldplay at Glastonbury:

Awww bloody hell. When did Coldplay become so, so beautiful? They always were, some would say, but the performance tonight is so assured and so reasurring - heartachingly, devistatingly lush. They've grown, and where once this fool doubted them, the fool's eyes have been opened. If you haven't already - open your eyes.

Chris was always a sweet, humble boy - the bloke your girly friends would shag and bag, saying something like "He's lovely, but..." But now he and his mates have got some confidence, and there's no question why when you hear the new stuff. His vocal tones still lilt in the right places, but you somehow feel he realises now he's allowed to sing like he feels. Coldplay aren't sorry for being Coldplay anymore. They think they're the best band in the world and if they catch you off guard you might just think it yourself. You might skip around, cry like a sorry old sap, and ask the person you don't know standing right next to you to marry you,even if he does sing "Yellow" in your ear so loudly and out of tune that it sounds more like "yellow submarine".

If Coldplay carry on like this we'll soon be calling ourselves coldplaylouder.

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