More on Chris' Run-In with the Paparazzi

Originally posted on July 22, 2003 1:17 AM

Yahoo News is running an article that sheds some more light on Chris' apparent run-in with a "paparazzo," as they put it. I've paraphrased the article below:

Martin was reportedly visiting Seven Mile beach Sunday near the northern town of New South Wales' Byron Bay when tabloid photographer Jon Lister snapped several digital photos of the singer surfing.

Martin eventually left the water and confronted Lister, 47, angrily demanding he erase the pictures. When the freelancer declined, the rocker purportedly grabbed a rock and smashed the windshield of Lister's car, then let the air out of his tires.

Needless to say, Martin's behavior has gotten him into a bit of trouble with the law.

While police have refused to identify Martin as the vandal in question, a spokesperson did confirm that a 26-year-old Brit was given an order to appear in Byron Bay local court on October 8 to face a charge of malicious damage for attacking Lister's car.

Lister later told the Daily Telegraph that the crooner's Sean Penn-like antics have only increased his allure among stalkerazzi eager to catch a glimpse of Martin with his Hollywood gal-pal.

"He's just made himself a bigger story than he ever was," Lister said. "It's just because he's Mr. Paltrow, otherwise we wouldn't be interested in him."

The photographer noted that he tried to make friends with Martin, complimenting him on catching a wave, but Martin instead attempted to snatch his camera and replied, "You're making my life a misery," before stalking off to vent his frustration on Lister's car.

"I was a bit intimidated. I was there all by myself," Lister said. "I'm waiting to hear from his lawyers."

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