Live DVD in the Making?

Originally posted on July 20, 2003 4:24 PM

For those of you who are registered members of the discussion forum, this may come as old news, but Australia's Undercover is reporting that Coldplay is filming a live DVD down under set to be released at the end of this year:

Coldplay have chosen Australia to film their live DVD to be released later this year. The two Sydney shows will be filmed from Sydney's Hordern Pavillion.

Chris Martin explained in Melbourne that the Australian audience were hearing songs in the set-list that they hadn't played for a while to capture a better cross section of their music on the DVD.

In explaining the songs they were playing he said "we aren't like U2 or The Stones who can play hits back to back. We've only had two hits so you'll have to put up with all the shit ones in between".

One surprise on this tour is a cover of Louis Armstrong's classic 'What A Wonderful World'. However the lyrics were somewhat modified for the Aussie audience. "we don't like rain and we don't like thunder but we like to play concerts Down Under" went the second verse.

He also praised the crowd. "Everybody is particularly cool … except us" he said to the roar of the crowd.

Coldplay also added an additional person to their touring party early Saturday morning when Gwenyth Paltrow flew into Melbourne at 4.30am to accompany Martin on the remainder of the tour.

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