Giving Up on Green Eyes

Originally posted on July 17, 2003 6:35 PM

The perils of writing a love song before meeting and becoming engaged to a movie star were apparent at London band Coldplay's intimate live show yesterday at the Opera House. Frontman Chris Martin, who is engaged to Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow, told the audience the band no longer performed the song Green Eyes.

"The reason we don't play it is it's not about the right person," he said. "It's like an old pair of trousers that song, it doesn't fit."

The band performed stripped-back versions of seven songs for some 150 people, most of whom were competition winners, filmed for Foxtel's musicMAX station. The set included the hits Yellow, In My Place and Clocks. In between songs, Martin chatted amiably with the audience.

"Thanks for remembering who we are," he joked. "We've all probably got a bit taller and a bit balder" (since their last visit to Sydney).

The setting for the performance, the relatively small Playhouse Theatre, was a far cry from the stadiums the band has become accustomed to playing.

"Apparently this is the smallest room in the place, which is a credit to us," Martin laughed. "Maybe one day we'll make it to the big room."

Their fans certainly weren't complaining – aside from standing only a few feet from their idols, several were permitted to put questions to the band. When asked what inspired them to form the band, Martin's response was that: "It seemed a better thing to do than watch Neighbours."

As has become his habit, Martin was sporting a political slogan on one of his hands for the gig: "Make Trade Fair."

"It's easier to write about a girl than write about famine," Martin said when questioned by a fan on the causes his band supported. "In one sense, we're doing it because we've been given such an amazing life. It feels like the thing you should do."


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